Philosophy, Ethics and History of Health Care
Reference DBLGAU01000009
Taught in First Year Bachelor of Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences
First Year Bachelor of Logopaedic and Audiological Sciences
Theory (A) 30.0
Exercises (B) 0.0
Training and projects (C) 0.0
Studytime (D) 120.0
Studypoints (E) 4
Credit contract? Access is determined after successful competences assessment
Examination contract? Access is determined after successful competences assessment
Credit contract mandatory if Exam contract? Course included in exam contract
Retake possible? Yes
Teaching Language Dutch
Lecturer Robert Rubens
Department GE01
Co-lecturers Freddy Mortier
Key Words

Ethics, history of care

Position of the Course

- The student gains insight in different aspects of medical science.
- Inform about the relationship between medical philosophy and the other professions in the health sector
- Inform about the relationship between philosophy and medicine.
- Introduction in the medical , nursing and health care philosophy .
- Learn basic principles of ethics and bio-ethics
- Learn analysis of casuistry in health care ethics.


The different historical landmarks creating the field of care nowadays will be mentioned. Following the philosophical and dogmatic medical science and methods of care of the middle ages and antiquity, the experimental model of the nineteenth century created modern medical and nursing knowledge. Different paradigmata will be explained prior to our current way of thinking to cure, care and palliate. The latter historical overview confronts the student with so-called alternative or non-scientific medical thinking. The systems are mostly remnants of prior dogmatic medical science. In the second part the foundations of bio-ethics are explained. Based upon the latter the principles of medical and nursing ethics are explained.

Starting Competences

Standard secondary education for history and science.

Final Competences

insight in the relationship between philosophy and thinking in the field of healt care

Teaching and Learning Material

Cost: 20.0 EUR
Course material: "Het denken over en voor de mens" (Dutch) - R. Rubens. "Van morele problemen naar ethiek: moraaltheoretische denkpatronen" (Dutch) - F. Mortier. "Vier grondbeginselen van hedendaagse medische ethiek" (Dutch) - R. Rubens.


G.A. Lindeboom: Inleiding tot de geschiedenis van de geneeskunde (Dutch), Erasmus Publishing, 1993, ISBN 90-5235-057-4.
L.A. Magner: A history of medicine, Marcel Dekker, 1993, ISBN 0-8247-8673-4.

Study Coaching

Contact possible with the lecturer verbally and via e-mail

Teaching Methods


Evaluation Methods


Examination Methods

written exam (Multiple choice-system and essay question.)

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