Biomedical Polymers
Reference DHBIOM00000017
Taught in Majors List Master of Biomedical Sciences
Theory (A) 25.0
Exercises (B) 0.0
Training and projects (C) 20.0
Studytime (D) 180.0
Studypoints (E) 6
Credit contract? Access is determined after successful competences assessment
Examination contract? This course can not be taken through this kind of contract
Credit contract mandatory if Exam contract? Separate credit contract mandatory
Retake possible in case of permanent evaluation? Yes
Teaching Language Dutch
Lecturer Peter Dubruel
Department WE07
Co-lecturers Etienne Schacht
Key Words

Position of the Course

The student gathers knowledge and insight of the synthesis, characterisation and shaping of polymeric materials for biomedical applications in particular those materials with a mechanical function and a therapeutical function. In addition the student becomes acquainted with the use of polymers in innovative biomedical applications.


Review of the basic principles of the synthesis of polymers: vinyl polymers, addition and condensation polymers, polymerisation by ring opening, biodegradable polymers, hydrogels, chemical modification of polymers.Properties of polymers: bulk and surface characterisation, effect of sterilisation.Shaping techniques.Applications of polymers in biomaterials and artificial organs.Applications of polymers as scaffolds for tissue engineering.

Starting Competences

Having successfully completed the courses Organic chemistry and Human pathogenesis from the bachelor program biomedical sciences, or having acquired the relevant ending objectives by other means.

Final Competences

  • Knowing the basic principles of the synthesis of polymers for biomedical applications.
  • Having a thorough knowledge on the properties of polymers for biomedical use.
  • Being able to determine the properties of biomedical polymers for specific biomedical purposes.
  • Knowing the design of polymers.
  • Being able to indicate the usefulness of polymers for innovative biomedical applications.

Teaching and Learning Material

Syllabus and in additon recent actual articles.


Course Content-Related Study Coaching

individual, after making an appointment

Teaching Methods

Classroom lectures; Microteaching

Evaluation Moments

Evaluation during examination period

Evaluation Methods

During examination period: oral closed-book exam, written preparation

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